Innovation celebrated as Bridge2food protein award winners announced

Published: 22-Sep-2016

Innovations in the protein industry were rewarded as the winners of Bridge2Food’s first Protein Awards were announced at 9th Protein Summit (19-21 September, Lille).

Best New Protein Food was awarded to Gold & Green Foods Ltd for Pulled Oats – a ‘perfect protein food’ that is 100% plant based and ecologically produced. It has a superior amino acid profile, more protein than chicken breast, a meat-like texture and delicious juicy taste.

Most Disruptive Innovation Award was won by Calysta for Feedkind Protein – a proprietary new fish and animal feed ingredient targeted at replacing fishmeal. Produced using the world’s only commercially validated gas fermentation process, Feedkind Protein is a natural, traceable and safe non-animal source of protein. Calysta has just announced the opening of a state of the art facility in Teeside, UK to manufacture sample quantities of FeedKind Protein.

Most Novel Ingredient award was won by IGV GmbH for its Vegetal Flakes. The pea-protein extrudates – ProteinFLAKES, ProteinCRISPIES and ProteinNUGGETS are ingredients for various end-product industries. IGV has complemented its pea-based protein ingredients with tailored amino acids to offer a complete protein product for different consumer groups.

The finalists for each category were:

Best New Protein Food

  • Whey 20 from Science in Sport
  • Plenti Cereal from General Mills Inc

Most Disruptive Innovation

  • Cicerette from Mareve
  • U-Loop technology from Unibio A/S

Novel Ingredient

  • Mankai from Hinoman
  • GreenFood Quinoa from GreenFood 50

The winners were announced at 9TH Protein Summit (19-21 September, Lille, France) which brought together experts from around the world to share their visions and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the global proteins world.

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