Independent study proves plant-based nootropic Mind Lab Pro impacts positively on memory

Published: 8-Jan-2024

In a recent study, results have shown that the use of the nootropic brain supplement, Mind Lab Pro, significantly boosts memory, including auditory, visual, visual working memory, immediate and delayed recall

Mind Lab Pro is the first plant-based nootropic supplement of its kind, made from a formula that is proven to enhance brainpower, improve focus, clarity, memory mood and brain health.

The trailblazing product includes 11 premium-grade, research backed nootropic ingredients, including citicoline, organic Lion’s Mane mushroom, Bacopa monnieri, phosphatidylserine and N-acetyl L-tyrosine.
During the course of the 1-month study, a group of 49 healthy individuals, aged 20–68, participated in a pseudorandomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled experiment.

The study saw the 36 experimental group members take the recommended two capsules of Mind Lab Pro per day, with the remaining 13 members of the control group taking a placebo of the same dosage.

During testing, all participants completed the Wechsler Memory Scale Fourth UK Edition (WSM-IV UK), to measure change in scoring throughout the course of the study.

The results were astounding, with the experimental group (those taking Mind Lab Pro) measuring a significant improvement in all memory subtests, compared with relatively no change in the control group (those receiving a placebo).

“The results were extremely interesting,” says research lead, Dr Andrea Utley, PhD, Professor at University of Leeds. “I would be the first to say I was sceptical of Mind Lab Pro’s efficacy ahead of this study, but the impact it has on information processing and all forms of memory is undeniable.”

“Our study demonstrated that there are significant benefits to memory in taking a nootropic supplement, which is especially true for immediate and delayed recall elements of memory, such as remembering names and places, or where someone has put an object, such as car keys."

"We found positive results across the board demographically and would be very interested to further explore the long-term effects of taking nootropics on a range of cognitive functions.”

Neuroscientist Dr Ramon Velazquez continues: “All 11 nootropics in Mind Lab Pro are research-backed for safety and effectiveness. It is the only supplement of its kind with a completely clean formulation and clean capsules.” 

“The results of this study have confirmed what we have long-believed to be true,” says Dave Wright, founder of Performance Lab, the home of Mind Lab Pro.

“Our revolutionary technology has matched our mission to create a superior nootropic supplement, which is cleaner, smarter and mirrors our limitless ambition to improve brain health and memory. Now on our fourth, improved interpretation, we look forward to continuing to offer everyone a pathway to increasing brain optimisation and supporting cognitive health.” 

Following the success of Mind Lab Pro, Performance Lab has gone on to create further industry changing nutrition technology products, such as NutriGenesis multivitamins, omega-3 developed from algae and Nu:tropic energy bars, fortified with essential brain nutrients and many others.

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