IADSA praises Swiss government's health guidance for older citizens

Published: 4-Feb-2022

Take a vitamin D supplement every day, the government has suggested to over-65s

The International Alliance of Diatery Supplement Associations (IADSA) has highlighted recent advice from the Swiss government which tells older consumers to take a vitamin D supplement daily. The association says the guidance is a ‘positive reflection of the value of supplementation’.

The recommendation has been issued in an information leaflet entitled ‘Vitamin D,’ published by the Swiss Federal Food Safety & Veterinary Office (FSVO). The leaflet says vitamin D delivers benefits for bone and muscle health and can reduce the risk of falls and hip fractures by 30%. It also states the vitamin can have beneficial effects for dental health, the immune system, the brain and the heart.

The resource argues it’s difficult to obtain sufficient vitamin D through diet alone, as it’s synthesised by the skin when exposed to sunlight. It goes on to say about half the population lacks adequate levels of vitamin D, and warns that with age, our ability to form vitamin D through the skin is reduced by 25%.

As a result, the leaflet says, the Swiss government now recommends that, from the age of 65, people take a daily dose of 800 IU vitamin D.

Cynthia Rousselot, IADSA’s Director of Technical & Regulatory Affairs, said: “We are pleased to see that Swiss government recognises the importance of vitamin D and the role supplementation can play in ensuring that people consume enough of this essential nutrient. IADSA will continue to engage with policy makers and other stakeholders worldwide to raise awareness of the role of supplementation in increasing levels of health and wellbeing.”

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