Gnosis vitamin K2 scientific advisory committee grows and holds first meeting

Published: 13-Dec-2023

The inaugural meeting of the Gnosis K2SAC welcomed new members and focused on the exciting future for K2

Earlier this year, Gnosis by Lesaffre announced the establishment of the world’s first scientific advisory committee focusing on the research and technological advancement of vitamin K2, the Gnosis Vitamin K2 Scientific Advisory Committee (K2SAC), chaired by renowned K2 expert Professor Leon Schurgers.

Committed to exploring new indications while also identifying an expanding global presence of top thought leaders in biomedical research focused on vitamin K2, the company proudly announces the K2SAC’s first meeting and appointment of two new K2 experts.

The K2SAC’s new member appointees are

  • Stefanos Roumeliotis, MD, from AHEPA University Hospital (Greece), Department of Nephrology, specializes in chronic disease research and statistical analysis, and is driving the MenaQ7 K2 VIKIPEDIA study
  • Sola Bahous, MD, PhD, MHPE, from Lebanese American University School of Medicine, offers expertise including arterial stiffness, pulse wave velocity, hypertension and renal/kidney failure, and is immersed in the novel migraine study with MenaQ7h Vitamin K2. 

Both Drs Roumeliotis and Bahous join Prof. Schurgers and existing K2SAC members Hogne Vik, MD, PhD, MBA, who serves as Medical and Scientific Advisor at Gnosis by Lesaffre, and globally recognised K2 expert Katarzyna Maresz, PhD. 

The inaugural meeting of K2SAC was held on 17 November 2023 in Lille, France. The morning began with a lecture by Prof. Schurgers entitled: “Healthy Ageing and the Vitamin K2 Effect,” presented to the entire Lesaffre group. 

The overarching theme of the meeting was “Exploring the Future of Vitamin K2,” with key panels covering the latest research associating vitamin K2 intake with emerging health areas and applications. 

“We are proud that our K2SAC is substantiated through such global expert participation,” commented Jean-Francois Jeanne, Gnosis Substantiation & Applications Team Manager.

“We see our K2SAC galvanizing a worldwide network of esteemed researchers who will focus on identifying specific population needs for K2 and leading the clinical evidence to demonstrate K2’s beneficial use in those areas.”

“I am honoured by the invitation to join the Gnosis K2SAC and this first meeting was a fantastic opportunity to share insights about this momentous time for vitamin K2 research,” said Dr Roumeliotis.

“Growing the already substantial research supporting vitamin K2 is essential for changing the state of global health. Collaborating with these esteemed individuals toward discovering and confirming new benefits and applications offers so much promise.”

Along with K2SAC, Gnosis continues to support K2 research teams worldwide. Thus far, this support has helped create fresh insights from clinical studies identifying new clinical indications for K2 and combinations for K2.

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“We are truly excited about the realm of new uses for K2 that the Scientific Advisory Committee will incubate, resulting in more promising future research,” added Jeanne.

“Our two new K2SAC members truly help round out the Vitamin K2 Research Dream Team, and our first meeting covered a lot of new ground to showcase the wide-ranging applications of K2 and health and wellness. This is such an exciting time,” he concluded.

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