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Published: 12-May-2023

The bone and joint health supplements market demand is on the rise due to the increased popularity of active life, rising life expectancy, and expanding adoption of proper lifestyles

The market is projected to reach USD 17.6 billion by 2027, recording a CAGR of 8.5%.3

The rising ageing populations have increased the demand for developing age-friendly food alternatives with enhanced nutritional value to support overall health, which has led to an increased demand for bone & joint health supplements. It’s not just about healthy-ageing but also about wanting to age-healthy. Millennials, who make up 1.8 billion of the globe’s population, apart from family, now value health the most.  Preventive health is a priority, as such, supplements that support healthy bones and joints are trending through 2023 and beyond.

Curcumin exerts anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pro-apoptotic effects on several biological systems. The ingredient may also reduce inflammatory cytokine and prostaglandin production by modifying COX-2 pathway signalling. The main factor restricting the use of curcumin as a therapeutic agent is poor oral absorption, but Pharmako’s Biotechnologies branded HydroCurc® combines curcumin and LipiSperse® technology designed to increase the bioavailability and functionality of lipophilic actives. A randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial assessed the efficacy of HydroCurc® on morning joint pain over the course of two weeks. HydroCurc® was effective in reducing joint pain.4

Levagen® a branded Palmitoylethanolamide (PEA) has a study on osteoarthritis where results showed dose-dependent improvements across all WOMAC sub-domains: Joint pain, stiffness, and function while improving quality of life and reducing anxiety. Another study with Levagen®+ on acute joint pain showed a significant reduction in joint pain scores after just three days of taking Levagen®+ and an overall improvement in quality of life.

Gencor offers exciting ingredients to formulate new innovative products and LipiSperse® significantly decreases the formulation hurdles offering endless creativity.

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4. Briskey D, Roche G, Rao A. The Effect of a Dispersible Curcumin (HydroCurc®) Compared to a Placebo for Reducing Joint Pain in an Adult Population - A Randomised, Double-Blind Study. Complement Med Res. 2022;29(6):429-436. English. doi: 10.1159/000524689. Epub 2022 Apr 27. PMID: 35477159.


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