Fonterra showcases next-gen sports nutrition at Vitafoods 2023

Published: 9-May-2023

To find out more about the concepts, Fonterra invites attendees of Vitafoods 2023 to visit their stand E172

Fonterra will showcase its latest insights on nutritional support for mental wellbeing and present its range of breakthrough Nutiani performance nutrition concepts at Vitafoods 2023 in Geneva this month. 

Fonterra’s wellbeing solutions brand, Nutiani, has researched the relationship between holistic health, nutrition and active consumer needs via Nutiani IPSOS Consumer Segmentation Research. It has also examined the needs of elite athletes via the Fonterra Athlete Incubator Project. 

Fonterra’s booth will feature experts who can discuss how mental wellbeing is a catalyst for growth in the performance nutrition category. It will also share the Fonterra Athlete Incubator’s latest findings and concept samples, including the top performing concepts as rated by elite athletes, which are designed to address  both the brain and body.  

“Research shows that mental health has an impact on overall wellbeing, and that targeted nutrition can play a role in supporting mental wellbeing,” said Peyton Rudy, Global Marketing Manager – Active Living at Fonterra. 

“Furthermore, in elite athletes, we have seen a strong desire for nutritional solutions that target both mental and physical wellbeing to improve overall health and performance, as well as better strength, stamina, and focus. As athletes are often first movers in active nutrition trends, this is a strong sign for brands that this desire for a brain and body claim combination is set to grow.” 

Holistic wellbeing and convenience, supported by consumer research 

The Fonterra Athlete Incubator Project was conducted in three phases over 12 months from 2021 to 2022 and focused on qualitative consumer research, paper concept testing and prototype sensory trials. 

“From our focus groups with elite athletes and support staff, we uncovered six consistent nutritional product needs by the top athletes; convenience and ease of use, taste, natural or whole foods based, affordability, simplicity, and trust,” Rudy said. “These factors were consistent throughout regardless of their sporting demands, and highlighted key areas to address when formulating nutritional products for athletes.” 

One of the most compelling results from the Athlete Incubator was that the top performing concept out of the 30 trialled was the brain + body protein powder containing both Nutiani Phospholipid 70 for Focus Cognition & Stress and NZMP Whey Protein Isolate for Muscle Health and Strength. 

“The brain and body protein powder was a new product concept with an innovative ingredient combination, and despite its novelty it was recommended by 100% of the elite athletes who sampled it. In addition, 58% of them said they noticed improvements in their mindset after a month of daily consumption,” explains Rudy. 

Next Generation Performance Nutrition: Supporting the Mental Muscle 

Drawing on the findings of the Athlete Incubator, the team has developed a portfolio of ready-to-market concepts to support the mental health and wellbeing needs of consumers alongside physical needs. These include:

  • Brain + Body protein powder, featuring Nutiani broad-spectrum Phospholipids 70 for focus, cognition, and stress, and NZMP Whey Protein Isolate 895 for muscle health and strength.
  • Protein & Phospholipid Shake to address weight and stress management. 
  • Phospholipid Latte packed with coffee extract and broad-spectrum phospholipids to facilitate stress management and boost energy levels. 

The insights gathered from the Athlete Incubator, alongside Fonterra’s clinical ingredient trials and consumer segmentation research, align with the various ready-to-drink and bar concepts that will be on showcase at Vitafoods 2023. 

To find out more about the concepts, Fonterra invites attendees of Vitafoods 2023 to visit their stand E172.

More insights and results from the Athlete Incubator will be shared by Fonterra’s Technical Innovation Manager, Odile Conan, at Vitafoods 2023, on Wednesday, 10 May at 11:30am. The seminar will be held in the New Ingredients Theatre. 

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