FENU-C+ – Setting up a new benchmark in vitamin C delivery

Published: 2-Sep-2021

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The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, immunomodulating, anti-thrombotic, antiviral and anticancer effects of vitamin C along with its respiratory protective effects has generated a great interest in vitamin C as an attractive dietary/nutraceutical supplement for the management of COVID-19. In fact, low levels of plasma vitamin C have been correlated with the severity of illness among Pneumonia, Sepsis and COVID-19 patients. But, the salt like nature, high water solubility, rapid elimination and its inability to overcome the tight intestinal control have led to its poor oral bioavailability.

FENUMAT- a platform delivery technology developed and patented by the in-house R&D efforts of Akay, has already received a great attention and appreciation as a GREEN technology for oral delivery. It is the first 100% natural, clean label & food-grade technology (water-based green approach) in the oral delivery of phytonutrients with enhanced bioavailability. Being a biopolymer based technology (fenugreek- soluble dietary fibre (galactomannans)- based) it is named as FENUMAT. It can be considered as a Natural Self-emulsifying Reversible Hydrogel based delivery system (N-SERH) for the sustained-intestinal delivery of lipophilic phytonutrients with enhanced absorption. The unique chemical structure and high molecular weight makes FENUMAT an ideal carrier for drug delivery!

Some successful formulations using FENUMAT technology are: CurQfen®, BosQfen®, Capsifen®, Asafin®, and a Co-delivery form of “Curcuminoids and Boswellic acids” for joint health.

As mentioned earlier, vitamin is a highly water soluble crystalline solid form. It dissolves instantly and undergo rapid systemic elimination, though the absorption is good. So, people have tried various controlled-release forms. But, unfortunately controlled-release forms have not enhanced the plasma bioavailability of vitamin C. Recently, liposomal formulations have emerged. But again, with no significant enhancement even at 4 to 36 g dose. Here we introduced a modified version of FENUMAT technology as Hybrid-FENUMAT, to overcome the inherent issues of liposomal forms which leads to poor performance of liposomes when delivered in vivo. Hybrid-FENUMAT provided high loading, enhanced stability, permeability and bioavailability (7-fold) from the liposomal structures. The formulation is well characterized with most-modern-state-of-the-art sophisticated instruments used in Nanotechnology. Manuscript is under revision by a high impact scientific journal.

Contact us to know how we tailor-make formulations using our patented FENUMAT for various kinds of Nutrients, Innovative & Disruptive as it is 100% Natural.

FENUMAT Opens up a new route to next generation Nutraceuticals. Natural, Organic, Clean Label and Bioavailable

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