ExcelVite and USP put their heads together on carotenes monograph

Published: 29-Apr-2019

Collaborations between ExcelVite, USP and its Non-Botanical Dietary Supplements Expert Committee centres around the palm oil-sourced mixed-carotene complex, EVTene

Palm carotene producer, ExcelVite, has formed a collaboration with USP resulting in the publication of a new Plant Carotenes monograph.

The new USP Carotenes monograph was a collaborative effort between ExcelVite, USP and its Non-Botanical Dietary Supplements Expert Committee. It was developed based on palm oil-sourced mixed-carotene complex (EVTene), supplied by ExcelVite.

EVTene is a natural plant mixed carotene that has a similar alpha- and beta-carotene composition and ratio as found in carrots (~33% of alpha-carotene and ~66% of beta-carotene).

The PIC/S cGMP-certified ExcelVite’s analytical procedures and testing methods developed for EVTene were shared with USP and its Expert Committee to help develop this monograph. After a year-long detailed discussion, evaluation, and public commentary, the USP and it's Expert Committee have finalised the analytical method for mixed carotenes and adopted it into the USP monograph, which has been officially published on 1 March 2019.

In addition to being manufactured in accordance with PIC/S cGMP (pharmaceutical) standard, EVTene has also been certified Kosher and Halal; as well as verified by the United States’ Non-GMO Project.

“The publication of this new carotenes monograph by the USP further underscores ExcelVite’s commitment to the highest ingredient standards,” said Bryan See, Business Development Manager, ExcelVite.

“We are extremely proud of the fact that the analytical methods developed by our QC/R&D team for EVTene have been adopted in developing this monograph that will now be included into the long list of USP monographs as a trusted analytical reference for scientists or manufacturers worldwide,” added See.

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