Evonik launches food supplement MEDOX with plant pigments from Scandinavian bilberries

Published: 7-Jul-2020

Food supplement MEDOX with highly concentrated anthocyanins now available in German pharmacies and online pharmacies

Evonik is launching a natural food supplement on the German market that contains plant pigments known as anthocyanins from Scandinavian wild berries in particularly high concentrations.

In Germany, the product MEDOX is now available in every pharmacy and through online pharmacies. For the first time, Evonik is marketing a product directly to end consumers through pharmacies.

“We are very pleased that we can now make MEDOX so easily available to consumers in Germany. Particularly, seniors as well as athletes can benefit from the anthocyanin combination in MEDOX,” says Thomas Riermeier, Head of the Health Care Business Line at Evonik.

Previously, the product has already been available via webshop in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and the UK.

Few other plant ingredients for dietary supplements are as well documented scientifically as anthocyanins: the deep purple plant extracts from dark berries have antioxidative properties, contributing to healthier blood circulation.

“The anthocyanins in MEDOX are valuable, secondary plant compounds, helping to fight free radicals. They support the health of vessels and veins,” says Thomas Hermann, Head of the Pharma & Food Ingredients Product Line at Evonik.

In total, 24 placebo-controlled double-blind studies have so far been completed in Norway, Italy, Australia, China and Germany on the specific combination of 17 different anthocyanins in MEDOX. MEDOX was originally developed in Norway 20 years ago, where it has been produced ever since.

Health Care is part of Evonik’s Nutrition & Care segment that is strategically aligned with long-term and non-cyclical trends that shape society. These include the ageing population, a growing middle class and an increasing awareness for healthy and sustainable nutrition worldwide.

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