Ethical Naturals to highlight ingredients in significant growth categories at SSW

Published: 12-Oct-2023

Ethical Naturals Inc. (ENI) will be focusing on several key ingredient products in significant growth categories this year at SupplySide West

Cranberex: The Power of Oregon Cranberry. Consumer demand for high-grade UTH products has continued to grow, but there's such a wide range of products out there that choosing the right product with genuine potency has been a problem both for brands and consumers.

ENI has worked hard in recent years to clarify those choices, and the company will be discussing recent research that has reaffirmed both the potency and effectiveness of Cranberex.

In 2016, ENI did several studies at Rutgers University that compared the AAA (anti-adhesion activity) and potency of Cranberex with other major brands.

The results were surprising regarding the sharp differences in both categories of comparison, with Cranberex achieving significant additional benefits.

ENI has now repeated several of these comparisons with the same results. Cal Bewicke, ENI CEO, explains: 'We got exceptional results 7 years ago comparing Cranberex with the leading market products; we felt it was time to reassess the state of the market and so repeated the AAA and potency comparisons."

"The results were largely unchanged and showed the exceptional potency of Cranberex.” All of this new and comparative information will be ready for SSW.

ENI will also be focusing on AlphaWave L-Theanine, their key product in the stress relief category.

AlphaWave is now supported by two clinical studies that showed significant increase in alpha brainwave activity and resulting relaxation and cognitive benefits.

A third study is near completion. AlphaWave is also GRAS affirmed and, owing to its high solubility and neutral taste, is becoming widely used in beverage products.

Another key ENI product featured at the show is Polyphenol-C, a premium non-GMO vitamin C with wide spectrum berry polyphenols from grape, blueberry, cranberry, blackberry, raspberry and strawberry.

Polyphenol-C has been growing in popularlty, especially with European brands, This product is one result of ENI's long-term analytical and R&D work on polyphenol sources: "the colors of nature."

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“This will be the 17th year that Ethical Naturals (ENI) has exhibited at SSW and each year has seen significant growth in the company's line of proprietary products and services,” said Cal.

“ENI is uniquely positioned as a company that is both an industry leader in the development of botanical quality standards, and also has a cGMP production facility that allow us to supply our customers either in bulk or in finished product form.” 

Other reasons to visit the ENI booth include the company’s ever-popular GreenGrown vegetable source glucosamine; their line of encapsulated standardised mushroom extracts (organically grown from fruit body only) and their premium US-tested botanical extracts.

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