EnWave announces organisational changes for NutraDried

Published: 13-Dec-2016

EnWave is pleased to announce several organisational changes regarding NutraDried, its 51% owned subsidiary that manufactures and distributes Moon Cheese

EnWave confirms that NutraDried and Spire Brands have terminated the Master Supply and Distribution Agreement (MDA) between the two companies.

The MDA was in operation for more than one year and, after a careful review, both parties concluded the MDA is not serving the best interests of either party. As a result of the termination, NutraDried will overtake the marketing and distribution strategy for its all natural cheese snack product, Moon Cheese.

NutraDried has also contracted marketing and distribution support from Slant Design (Slant), a Vancouver based branding and marketing firm.

Slant brings extensive experience in consumer packaged goods marketing, branding and distribution. NutraDried has worked extensively with Slant on prior projects including the introduction and sale of Moon Cheese through the major US coffee chain.

Moon Cheese is currently available for purchase in more than 23,000 diversified locations throughout North America.

Additionally, NutraDried's Board of Managers have appointed Dr Tim Durance, Chief Executive Officer and President of EnWave, as the interim Chief Executive Officer of NutraDried. Dr Durance will serve as Chief Executive Officer of NutraDried on an interim basis until a permanent Chief Executive Officer for NutraDried has been appointed.

The organisational changes at NutraDried were planned to create operational efficiencies and to allow for the growth of the Moon Cheese brand. NutraDried will now also be able to pursue additional revenue streams through private label sales as well as toll processing opportunities.

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