DKSH enters distribution agreement for Carob germ meal with Polygal in Europe

Published: 18-Aug-2020

DKSH has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Polygal, the Swiss global leader in the research and utilisation of hydrocolloids for various industrial applications. As part of the agreement, DKSH will distribute Polygal’s Polygum Carob Pro-TN in Europe

DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials has become a key distribution partner for Polygal in 14 markets across Europe, including Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Portugal, Switzerland and the UK.

Under the agreement, DKSH will provide marketing and sales as well as distribution and logistics for Polygal’s Polygum Carob Pro-TN (carob germ meal) for use in gluten-free bakery products and other applications.

Polygum Carob Pro-TN is a ground germ (cotyledons) from the seeds of Ceratonia siliqua. It is a natural ingredient high in protein with a very interesting amino acid profile, further consisting of insoluble and soluble fibre.

DKSH first partnered with Polygal in Japan more than half a century ago and, in the 2010s, continued to build on the successful relationship by expanding Polygal to China.

Christian Schink, Global Food Division Manager, Polygal, commented: “I am confident that we will continue our success story, this time on European soil, with a product fulfilling various criteria of current high demand: non-animal protein, rich in fiber, all natural, clean label.”

John Roemling, Vice President Performance Materials, DKSH, added: “Polygal are pioneers in the gluten-free bakery market and we are very pleased to exclusively partner with them for the introduction and market development of Carob germ meal, Polygum Carob Pro-TN in Europe."

"Their innovative products are an excellent fit for our diverse portfolio of food ingredients and will bring great advantages to our large customer base.”

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