Capsifen - Introducing ‘bioavailable’ capsaicinoids for healthy fat metabolism, naturally

Published: 14-Oct-2021

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Capsifen® is tailor–made to resolve the challenges associated with the consumption of pungent red chili extracted capsaicinoids at its physiological dosage to deliver its remarkable ability to burn both fat and energy. Capsifen® is developed through a water–based patented technology - FENUMATTM, which is a natural self–emulsifying hydrogel mediated platform delivery technology. Capsifen® offers a sustained–intestinal nano delivery (in vivo nano delivery) as emulsion which makes sure the safety, GI tract compatibility, and better bioavailability of the capsaicinoids (19-fold). Capsifen® has been clinically proven for thermogenesis, appetite control, and hence to support body weight management efforts. As shown by peer reviewed publications.

FENUMATTM technology has already received worldwide attention as the very first GREEN approach in phytonutrient delivery technology for lipophilic phytonutrients like curcumin, boswellic acids, etc. either alone or as a co-delivery form with enhanced bioavailability for individual components which constitute the combination.

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