BGG recieves results of two studies on its saw palmetto extract

Published: 25-Sep-2019

The clinical evaluation of safety and efficacy are part of a similar strategy that the Chinese company has taken with many of its products

The Beijing Gingko Group (BGG) has successfully completed and published two clinical trials on its Saw Palmetto extract to support its safety and reconfirm its efficacy.

One of the clinical trials was conducted on 44 volunteers who were given BGG’s Saw Palmetto extract or placebo over an eight-week period. The treatment group experienced a statistically significant reduction in urinary issues versus placebo (Kushima et al., 2018). The second clinical trial established safety at 6X the recommended dosage (Sekikawa et al., 2019).

“We are extremely pleased to offer a Saw Palmetto extract that has been proven efficacious and safe through peer-reviewed human research,” said Yanmei Li, PhD, BGG’s Chief Scientific Officer. “BGG prides itself not only on producing products with industry-leading quality, but also on sponsoring clinical research to validate our products’ ability to positively affect consumers’ health. This combination of top quality and clinical validation has been extremely well-received by leading brands in the market for our other products, and we look forward to similar success in the Saw Palmetto category.”

BGG’s Global Chief Marketing Officer and CEO of BGG Europe, Christian Artaria, said: “The Saw Palmetto market has been in turmoil recently due to a series of poor harvests, which have added additional costs to an already costly manual harvesting. As a consequence, adulteration with inexpensive food-based oils or with blends of lipids that mimic the phytochemical profile of a genuine Serenoa extract has been rampant. At BGG we offer to the market genuine, safe and clinically-supported products, and the new studies performed on our CO2 Saw Palmetto extract come at the perfect time.”

The two studies were published in different journals:

  • Sekikawa, T. Kizawa, Y. Li, Y. Miura, N. (2019). “A clinical study for evaluating the safety of excessive consumption of saw palmetto extract.” Japanese Pharmacology and Therapeutics. 47. 445-452.
  • Kushima, M. Okamoto, K. Kizawa, Y. Sekikawa, T. Li, Y. Takara, T. (2018) “A Verification Study on the Improvement of Urination Issues with Ingestion of Saw Palmetto Fruit Extract: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Parallel-Group, Placebo-Controlled Study.” Pharmacometrics 95(5/6): 101-111, 2018.

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