Tate & Lyle celebrates opening of new capacity for dietary fibres at its Slovakian facility

Published: 9-May-2024

The facility in Boleráz, Slovakia, will allow the company to expand production of its PROMITOR range of soluble fibres for better gut health and immunity

Tate & Lyle, a global ingredient solutions developer, has welcomed the British Ambassador, Nigel Baker, Tate & Lyle's Chair, David Hearn and other guests to Slovakia, to celebrate the formal opening of new capacity at its facility in Boleráz, Slovakia, for its non-GMO PROMITOR soluble fibres.


Enhancing production capacity

The new capacity, representing a EUR €25 million investment, is the first phase of a programme expected to significantly increase Tate & Lyle’s fibre capacity to serve both its European and global customer base.

As well as providing new capacity, the project generates sustainability benefits through supply chain optimisation and improved energy efficiency.

Igor Kovačovič, Tate & Lyle's Plant Manager at the Boleráz facility, said: “As a result of Tate & Lyle’s proprietary fibre production know-how — and through the use of the latest technology — this facility gives us the ability to expand existing PROMITOR product lines and seamlessly introduce new ones in the future.”


Growing demand for fibre

The new capacity comes on line at a time of growing consumer demand for dietary fibres, not just as a tool for improving gut health but also supporting overall health, immunity and mental health.

It also aligns with customer requirements for added fibre and improved nutrition benefits. Tate & Lyle’s proprietary research shows that over half (54%) of global consumers plan to consume more fibre1.

Customer demand for sugar reduction solutions continues to grow and fibre is playing an increasingly important role, as a value added, nutritious bulking ingredient.

PROMITOR Soluble Fibre is a corn based soluble fibre with over twice the digestive tolerance of inulin, reducing the possibility of digestive discomfort. Its high fibre content makes it ideal for use at lower inclusion levels to reach nutritional targets.



1  Tate & Lyle Proprietary Global Ingredient Perception Research 2022-23


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