StePacPPC’s New Sustainable Packaging Boosts Exotic Mushroom Longevity

By Annabel Kartal-Allen | Published: 24-Jan-2024

Modified atmosphere packaging addresses shelf-life challenges of mushrooms

The highly perishable nature of mushrooms, combined with the challenges of maintaining their shelf life has kept them from realising their full market potential.

To tackle this problem, fresh produce packaging company StePacPPC has customised its modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) films to preserve fresh whole and sliced white mushrooms and whole exotic mushrooms.

shelf life from just a few days to more than two weeks

The lean MAP system fulfils consumer demands for sustainable packaging that slows deterioration and dramatically reduces waste of this highly perishable item. The customised films significantly slow down decay and reduce weight loss of costly culinary delicacies, preserving texture, nutrition and flavour.

The high water-vapor transmission rate of StePacPPC films, coupled with the customised modified atmosphere properties, have proven useful in quality preservation of both whole and sliced mushrooms. 

Gary Ward, CTO of StePacPPC commented: “In post-harvest lab and field trials, our films have demonstrated abilities to maintain the freshness and wholesome appearance of mushrooms. This effectively stretches their shelf life from just a few days to more than two weeks, generating meaningful reductions in food waste.”

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