Microphyt receives Non-GMO Project Verification for cognitive health ingredient BrainPhyt

Published: 31-May-2024

The GMO-free certification highlights the natural and safe nature of the proprietary cognitive ingredient

Microphyt, a specialist in the discovery and development of ingredients derived from microalgae, has achieved GMO-free certification for its flagship product BrainPhyt from the Non-GMO Project.

This recognition follows a rigorous certification process.


BrainPhyt for healthy cognition

BrainPhyt is a patented ingredient designed to maintain and enhance cognitive functioning. 

It is sourced from the microalgae Phaeodactylum tricornutum and standardised at 2% of fucoxanthin, and has demonstrated its efficacy in a preclinical study — outperforming recognised benchmarks in improving short-term memory, spatial memory and benefits on cognitive function in a human clinical trial.
"The Non-GMO Project certification is a significant milestone for BrainPhyt and reflects our commitment to providing natural and safe ingredients for consumers," said Microphyt’s Marketing Manger, Christel Lemaire. "We are confident that this certification will further enhance the trust of our customers and partners in the quality and safety of our products."
BrainPhyt is designed to meet the growing consumer demand for natural and effective solutions for cognitive health. 

In addition to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it supports cognitive function, memory and stress management.

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