Branded Legacy and Hemp Emu collaborate to produce CBD range

Published: 28-Jun-2024

The two companies will endeavour to produce Hemp Emu's range of CBD products at a higher capacity, whilst maintaining the same quality levels

Branded Legacy, a nutraceutical ingredients manufacturer, has commenced a novel strategic partnership with Hemp Emu, a CBD product provider.

This collaboration will enable Branded Legacy to manufacture Hemp Emu’s range of CBD products — which includes gummies, tinctures and creams — at its facilities in Melbourne, Florida.

Hemp Emu specialises in pure CBD isolate products, as well as the use of emu oil for enhanced transdermal absorption. 


Scaling manufacturing while maintaining quality

Branded Legacy will utilise its advanced manufacturing capabilities to boost Hemp Emu’s CBD production capabilities, as well as expediting delivery times and adding a further layer of quality assurance to the products.

Chief Operating Officer at Hemp Emu, Michael Wainer, commented: “This partnership will streamline our manufacturing process, improve supply chain efficiency and ultimately provider our customers with even better products and services.”

CEO of Branded Legacy, Dave Oswald, added: “We are honoured to collaborate with Hemp Emu, a brand that has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional CBD products to the market. Together we will ensure these products continue to meet high quality and efficacy standards.”

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