Bio-gen Extracts unveils their new corporate website

Published: 28-Feb-2024

The website showcases innovative, scientifically-backed and specialised nutraceutical ingredients

Bio-gen Extracts have recently announced the launch of their new website. The platform serves as a comprehensive showcase of the company’s vast array of award-winning and scientifically-backed nutraceutical ingredients.

Continually enhancing the customer experience is at the forefront of Bio-gen Extracts’ mission, and the updated official website reflects this dedication. 

With enhanced navigation capabilities, the site ensures customers and industrial professionals can access all the information they need.

Key features of the website include:

  • New Products: An extensive portfolio of clinically-studied ingredients
  • Clinical Studies: Access to scientific data from the latest clinical studies
  • Diverse Health Segments: Tailored solutions available, from visual health to healthy ageing and beyond
  • Easy Access: User-friendly access to product information, quotes and sample requests.
  • Heritage: Information about the company’s history, ethos and presence in global events

Aligned with the mission to help people Choose Good Health™, Bio-gen Extracts trusts that customers will enjoy navigating the new website, discovering what it has to offer.

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