Vitamins and supplements aren't going anywhere

Published: 9-May-2019

Why? Functional foods and beverages are becoming more mainstream every year

This growing industry has dramatically increased the choices available to consumers and made functional foods and beverages a standard delivery system for health-enhancing ingredients.

However, this growth in the functional foods market has certainly not curtailed the development of the vitamins and dietary supplements market. Quite the opposite has happened as consumers turn to supplements as another way of being proactive about their overall health.

With more consumers taking their wellness seriously, they are turning to vitamins and supplements to support their specific health needs. Research has found that that immune health and general health and wellness are some of the top benefits consumers are seeking from supplements.

For manufacturers of supplement products, the opportunity here is developing premium products with value-added ingredients that can deliver these personalised health benefits.

For a more in-depth look at the dietary supplement industry, including regional market sizes and growth drivers, consumer attitudes and the differentiation offered by branded ingredients, download Wellmune's white paper: Dietary Supplements in 2019: A Look at What's Ahead

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