Symrise unveils park in Singapore dedicated to "naturalness innovation"

Published: 2-Oct-2023

The company has recently revealed an "Enhanced Naturals @SPark" in Singapore, a multi-functional innovation and technology centre to address the move of the food and beverage industry

Symrise Asia Pacific has recently unveiled the “Enhanced Naturals @SPark” in Singapore, a facility dedicated to naturalness innovation.

Housed within @SPark, the multi-functional innovation and technology centre addresses the move of the food and beverage industry towards sustainably sourced, natural, and plant-based alternatives.

Experts expect the topic of naturalness to gain exponential momentum in Asia in the near future. Analysts forecast the Asia Pacific health and wellness food market to grow at a CAGR of 9.9% from 2022 to 2029. In light of this, Symrise has invested in a dedicated facility focusing on side stream valorizations, technology developments and new raw materials research.

“With the investment in our Enhanced Naturals @SPark, we are future-proofing our business. Also, we are well-positioning our offer of various specific natural solutions across all categories to our customers,” said Medardo Villafana, Technical Director, Savory, Research & Technology, Asia Pacific.

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The purpose-built labs in the Enhanced Naturals at @SPark focus on thermal treatments, extraction, and biotransformation. They build on the deep understanding of consumer needs at Symrise. This enables sustainable, natural, and plant-based innovation across categories such as culinary, dairy and beverages. In turn, Symrise can offer customers more options to cater to the rising demand of discerning consumers. 

Further, a co-development area capable of hosting up to twenty people in the Enhanced Naturals @SPark will allow spontaneous conversations and co-creation with customers. 

“With the addition of the Enhanced Naturals @SPark, we reiterate our focus on Innovation in the context of changing market and consumer dynamics. Enhanced Naturals gives us the technology & capability to collaborate with our customers on clean label solutions, authenticity and elevate the use of natural ingredients. Consumers in Asia will progressively demand the use of natural ingredients in food & beverage products," said Kapil Sethia, President, Food & Beverage, Asia Pacific.

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