Study reveals benefits of Ennature Biopharma's turmeric ingredient

Published: 12-Sep-2023

A group of researchers have carried out an open label study on the curcumin levels of Ennature Biopharma's turmeric ingredient Maxicuma

Ennature Biopharma has shed light on its dispersible turmeric ingredient Maxicuma via a publication in the journal Current Research in Complementary & Alternative Medicine. 

In the open label, two-treatment, two period, single dose, two group cross over study, the extract was shown to have increased, free curcumin levels of 172 folds. 

After the concentrations of Curcumin, Desmethoxycurcumin and Bisdemethoxycurcumin had been analysed in their unmetabolised form, the authors concluded the blood plasma concentration of free curcumin was 172 folds greater than another conventional extract, with prolonged half-life. 

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According to JB Kandpal, this makes the ingredient suitable for a one-a-day dosing regimen, with the lowest dose of curcumin. 

Ennature Biopharma specialises in the development and manufacture of natural active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), nutraceuticals, natural food colours, standardised herbal extracts and spice extracts for the beverage, dietary supplement, functional food, pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical industries.

The division uses state-of-the-art, non-toxic, high-selectivity super critical fluid extraction (SCFE) technology to produce superior quality extracts.

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