Quatrefolic to support cardiovascular health

Published: 14-Apr-2022

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Vitamin B9 is historically known as the mandatory supplement during pregnancy. But in which cases could folate intake be beneficial to our health? What other applications might it be recommended for?

One of the new applications that captured the interest of various research and observational studies is cardiovascular health.

Indeed, being the cause of one-third of deaths in the world each year, according to the World Health Organisation, cardiovascular events have become, in recent years, one of the top five concerns of supplement consumers.

Quite naturally, new approaches to health are emerging, trying to provide innovative and natural solutions to promote heart health and reduce risk factors related to cardiovascular disease (CVD).

Among these are interventions via folate supplementation aimed at reducing homocysteine, which is a recognised risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Folate is an important regulator of Hcy metabolism and helps maintain normal plasma homocysteine concentrations. Excessive accumulation of Hcy in the blood can be due to an unhealthy lifestyle, poor diet, or even genetic factors, including polymorphism of the enzyme MTHFR, involved in folate metabolism.

By lowering the levels of Hcy in our bodies, bringing levels back to normal, folate supplementation supports cardiovascular health by reducing the risk of CVD.

Quatrefolic, already active folate form and not dependent on the MTHFR enzyme, may appear to be the right folate nutritional support, suitable for 100% of its consumers.

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