Vitafoods Europe: Kaneka presents nutrition concepts for recovery and endurance


Kaneka Pharma Europe showcases innovative combinations of nutraceuticals that improve performance and contribute to a healthy body

At this year's Vitafoods, Kaneka will present its sports prototypes project, highlighting options for combination products that target the global sports nutrition market.

The key ingredient in all of these concepts is Ubiquinol. As an essential part of the respiratory chain, the vitaminoid is proven to support endurance and overall performance, and to promote recovery.

Working with its partners, Kaneka has developed nutraceutical supplements and sports nutrition products in various dosage forms, including energy gels and powder sticks.

A broad range of other ingredients are ideally suited for the production of powerful combinations — such as magnesium for rapid energy, carnitine and amino acids to promote recovery, and Kaneka's unique ingredient Glavonoid to support muscle building.

The company's patented and natural yeast-based production process makes it possible to deliver Ubiquinol in several stable application forms without any detrimental impact on efficacy.

Granulate sticks, hard gelatin and chewable capsules, as well as gels and liquids, make supplementation easy, even on the move.

Combinations with multivitamins, magnesium, carnitine and amino acids can be tailored to the needs of sportspeople who want to support their immune defence, rapid energy production or muscular capabilities.

Filip Van hulle, Senior Manager at Kaneka's Quality of Life Division, explains: "Single Ubiquinol products that counteract the signs of ageing and maintain a healthy body have already successfully entered the market."

"These products are well established among Best Agers and patients suffering from chronic diseases. With our campaign #PoweredbyKaneka, we are now focusing on new sports prototype concepts and will be demonstrating additional options for versatile combination products in a variety of application forms."

A second pillar of Kaneka's functional ingredients portfolio is Glavonoid, which also holds great promise for sports and fitness applications.

The natural extract derived from liquorice root provides unique dual support in fighting visceral fat, thanks to its ability to activate the body's fat metabolism process and suppress fat synthesis.

Having held Novel Food status since 2011, Glavonoid can be added to food supplements and beverages based on milk, yoghurt, fruit and vegetables.

Since 2015, Glavonoid has also been approved for extended use in foods for medical purposes and energy-restricted diets for weight reduction.


Vitafoods will take place on 7-9 May 2019 at Palexpo, Geneva, Switzerland.

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At the event, Kaneka can be found at booth I24.