Thanks to Casperome – Indena’s Boswellia Phytosome – maintaining a healthy gut is natural and safe

Published: 27-Jul-2022

In the summer, travelling abroad is the perfect chance to taste new food ... but new culinary experiences may often put people’s gut health at risk

Gut health already is a relevant issue all over the world. Just to give an idea, in the US, 60-70 million people are affected by digestive diseases, more than one million residents in the US and 2.5 million in Europe are estimated to have inflammatory bowel disease ... and Irritable Bowel Syndrome occurs in up to 15% of the United States population.

From nature, a valid support may come from Boswellia serrata, and among Indena’s innovative botanical extracts there is CASPEROME: a whole natural, tested, standardized extract of Boswellia serrata enriched in the whole bouquet of terpenoid acids.

Its composition includes 11 relevant boswellic acids and closely matches the profile of the natural resin.

Moreover, CASPEROME is formulated with the Indena’s proprietary Phytosome delivery system, which makes natural ingredients more bioavailable and effective. CASPEROME is a unique and tested formulation, able to enhance and optimise the delivery of terpenoic acids compared with unformulated extracts.

Indena’s CASPEROME has been proven as a natural support for gut health thanks to three human studies. Two of them showed that CASPEROME supports healthy inflammatory response, maintaining physiological intestinal mobility, thus contrasting other unpleasant conditions such as bloating.

A third study evaluated the effects of CASPEROME usage for 6 months, confirming its efficacy, safety, benefits and excellent tolerability.

More recently, new clinical evidence showed the benefit potential of CASPEROME being effective in preserving normal intestinal motility when in the hot season probable embarrassing gastrointestinal condition may occur: acute diarrhoea.

The two most common causes of acute diarrhea are gastrointestinal infections or food poisoning, and viruses represent the most frequent aetiologic factor.

In the United States, 48 million people suffer every year from acute diarrhoea owing to acute food poisoning and 2.5 million people die from acute diarrhoeal disease worldwide. CASPEROME counteracts such embarrassing conditions.

“The randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial showed that CASPEROME can normalise intestinal motility, thus counteracting the formation of loose and watery stools: in conditions when the risk of experiencing acute diarrhoea may be higher, it significantly reduces the number of stools and duration of motility unbalance, along with associated secondary conditions," says Antonella Riva, Indena’s Head of Product Innovation and Development.

"Boswellia serrata extract can act as a Ca2+ channel modulator and CASPEROME optimises its delivery to the target organ: intestinal smooth muscles. Moreover, no side-effects have been observed: CASPEROME counteracts motility unbalance, without slowing down the transit rate, and this is a major advantage since other agents induce constipation.”

Another important result from Indena’s research activity, always aimed to find more and more innovative solutions for human well-being.

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