Synergy Flavours launches new flavour range for the weight management market


Synergy offers a range of flavour solutions for the sports nutrition, weight management and active ageing nutrition markets and continues to drive innovation in the field of flavouring nutrition

Synergy Flavours, the leading global manufacturer and supplier of flavours, extracts and essences, has launched a range of eight new flavours that have been specially created for the fast-growing weight management market.

The latest addition to the company’s broad portfolio of flavour solutions for the nutrition sector, the flavours work with a range of applications, including shakes, powders and bars.

Synergy draws on almost half a century of protein research in collaboration with its parent company, Carbery, a leading manufacturer of whey proteins. Recent research in partnership with North Carolina State University (NCSU) focused on the sensory analysis and flavour chemistry of various protein sources – extending the ongoing research project to vegetable proteins.

The research, along with Synergy’s applications expertise and the protein capability of its parent company, enabled Synergy to develop fresh, innovative, optimised flavour solutions for a variety of protein-based sources.

These eight impactful flavours have been designed to work with a high protein meal replacement concept that contains the highest quality macronutrients including healthy fats, complex low GI carbohydrates and complete proteins, together with the suggested necessary vitamins, minerals and trace elements. This powder shake, which Synergy developed to showcase the new flavour range to the market, delivers balanced nutrition in a convenient format.

The weight management sector, which, dominated by traditional flavour profiles such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, is increasingly demanding new and interesting flavour options. The flavour range Synergy has developed includes the following profiles: Cinnamon Danish, Cinnamon Bun, Strawberry Cheesecake, Caramel Coffee, Banana Smoothie, Vanilla Cream, Chocolate Brownie and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Hugh Evans, Marketing Manager at Synergy, commented: ‘Taste has become a key driver for protein and other nutrition products and consumers not only want products that taste great, but also expect a range of different and exciting flavours to choose from. Our new range will deliver the benefits of high impact flavours that have been specifically engineered for the best tasting nutrition applications.’

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‘The weight management market in particular is crying out for this type of flavour innovation. While satiety, weight loss and metabolism continue to be important platforms for weight loss programmes, a more responsible, sustainable approach to weight management is emerging – weight wellness. Many consumers are moving away from restricted diets and diet programmes towards a more holistic approach that includes exercise combined with healthy, everyday foods. Nutrition products need to be carefully formulated to provide a variety of healthy nutrients which complement this approach, while maintaining wide consumer appeal. They must also offer flexibility of use, from snacking to on-the-go nutrition, as well as meal replacement in a convenient format. And above all else, they should have great taste,’ he added.