SynBalance: Scientifically-backed and innovative lifewide probiotics

Published: 15-Jun-2022

2022 sees the birth of SynBalance Srl, the new subsidiary company of ROELMI HPC, aiming at becoming a leader in the biotech industry. The new company business will mainly focus on discovering and unlocking the health-enhancing potentialities of microbiota world

With a distinct identity and management, as of January 2022, SynBalance is the right partner for developing probiotic-based products backed by clinical evidence. The strategic creation of SynBalance naturally comes by the need of giving the fair value and facilitating the growth of such a dynamic market, both in terms of dedicated R&D investments and specialised in-house expertise. As part of ROELMI HOLDING, the new company will share the group commitment in concurring to bring sustainable and scientifically-backed ingredients on the market, as indicated by the voluntary CSR approach named N.I.P. program.

With a vision to a sustainable future for all human kind, SynBalance mission consists into deliver highly scientifically evidenced probiotic solutions, taking care of people health through the modulation of the gut microbiota. Always committed to scientific research, to innovation and to the market, SynBalance designs, develops and manufactures high-quality proprietary probiotic strains belonging to Lactobacilli and Bifidobacteria, customised or studied premixes and ready-to-go supplements. Technical dossiers are based on in-vitro, ex-vivo & clinical results, supported by stability data and specific formulation targeting consumers’ needs.

At SynBalance we celebrate continuous innovation, our team characterised by well-crafted expertise in the field of probiotics allows us to offer proactive products to help final consumers in their journey, with particular attention to increasingly competitive prospects. Innovations that balance health with time-to-market, responding to the fast-changing and trend-oriented nutraceutical industry.

SynBalance strategy focuses on defined functional areas such as gut-skin axis, reduction of cardiometabolic risk, immune-modulation and gut-brain axis. A deeper attention is dedicated to target population likewise women, children and elderly. In terms of technological progress, SynBalance aims at providing solutions for new markets such as functional food and expanding in countries challenging for probiotics: with this purpose, the company is investigating different microencapsulation processes (HUGbiotics line) to improve viability with respect to temperature, osmotic pressure, pH and humidity. Moreover, SynBalance keeps an interest on post-biotics potential as a complementary approach to alive probiotics, indeed studies on heat-killed bacteria (SynbiOFF) are currently on-going to discover new functional domains and characterise alternative mechanisms of action.

Among the most science backed probiotic complexes, we can list:

  • SynBalance AllergAway: fighting sensitization reactions
  • SynBalance CholDown: cholesterol control
  • SynBalance DefensePlus: body natural defenses
  • SynBalance Femme: protecting vaginal health
  • SynBalance HappyBelly: dysbiosis & intestinal discomfort in children
  • SynBalance KeepCalm: stress relief
  • SynBalance MetSyn: metabolic syndrome
  • SynBalance ProBeautyShield: skin health
  • SynBalance SmilinGut: IBS and gastrointestinal disorders
  • SynBalance Wellderly: elderly people

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