Super Food Award 2017 for soluble powder with Sunfiber

Published: 10-Jan-2017

Every year, the Finnish Health Product Retailers Association presents awards to quality products with health-boosting properties

In the "Super Food 2017" category, this year’s winner was Sunwic, a drink powder produced by Valioravinto, a company that manufactures and sells food supplements in Finland.

The drink powder consists of 100% Sunfiber — a soluble fibre from Taiyo — derived from the Indian guar seed.

Sunfiber combines great taste with excellent sensory and technological properties and health-promoting effects.

The ingredient has been proven to alleviate gastrointestinal disorders, such as those caused by irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

To participate in the Super Food Award, the products must meet strict criteria. These include well-founded research data, positive consumer feedback and reliable, high quality results.

Sunwic convinced with its easy handling and positive efficacy for people with IBS. This target group reacts particularly sensitively to foods containing high concentrations of fermentable oligo-, di- and monosaccharides (FODMAPs) because they are usually not properly metabolised.

Sunwic is a FODMAP-poor soluble powder and is therefore very well-tolerated by these consumers. According to studies, regular use significantly increases the number of bifidobacteria in the gut, which strengthen the digestive tract, protect the intestinal mucosa and alleviate the symptoms. Overall digestive function is subsequently improved.

The jury also highlighted the technological and sensory properties: Sunwic dissolves completely in liquids, does not jellify and is easy to dose.

It has no impact on taste and is absolutely neutral in terms of flavor, odour and colour.

"We see the award as confirmation that our investments in research and development pay off. Sunfiber uniquely combines naturalness, technological functionality and health benefits," said Dr Stefan Siebrecht, Managing Director of Taiyo GmbH. "We congratulate our customer Valioravinto for the success of its Sunwic product."

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