Roquette and Algama join forces to increase consumer awareness of microalgae-based food products

Published: 1-Jul-2015

Roquette and Algama are developing food product prototypes that closely reflect both the nutritional concerns of consumers and major market trends

The Roquette group has partnered with young French company, Algama, to promote the benefits of microalgae to consumers as part of their daily diet.

Thanks to the resulting synergy, some pioneering food products formulated with microalgae ingredients will be presented at the Universal Exposition in Milan, Italy, this October. Roquette and Algama will introduce their advanced ingredients at the French pavilion, supported by the Vitagora cluster.

'For two weeks, we will be presenting practical solutions to help feed the world’s population with healthy food. Nine billion people will have to be fed by 2050 - which means that we need to start innovating now,' explains Algama co-founder Alvyn Severien.

Roquette and Algama are developing prototypes of food products that closely reflect both the nutritional concerns of consumers and major market trends. These products will be nutritious and delicious, as well as addressing today’s food issues (special diets, allergies and intolerances).

The two companies met during SIAL 2014 (the international food exhibition in Paris. Newcomer Algama was there presenting its very first offer, an innovative spirulina-based beverage called Springwave.

The naturally blue revitalising beverage, the result of 2 years of research, won two awards, including 'Best Beverage,' from a field of 1200 products.

Sergio Neves, Global Director Microalgae Business Line at Roquette, met the three founding entrepreneurs behind Algama and they soon discovered that they all – a start-up and a long-established international group – shared a common ambition: to quickly grow the cutting-edge microalgae industry and help to introduce its products into our everyday diet.

For Algama, the top-notch support provided by Roquette, a leader in food, nutrition and health, will make it possible to consolidate its expertise in developing microalgae-based products. For Roquette, working with Algama will mean getting food products made with algility microalgae into consumers’ hands faster.

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