PharmaLinea emphasises innovation at Vitafoods Europe

Published: 1-May-2019

The private label food supplement specialist has revealed what's on display at the European show

Following immense growth in the past years, PharmaLinea is returning to Vitafoods Europe to exhibit for the 5th consecutive time. The private label food supplement specialist said this year the company showcase emphasises several principles we feel are crucial for the progress of our industry.

Raising clinical substantiation standards

With an ongoing clinical trial on >Your< Immuniq Syrup, a breakthrough product for children’s immunity, PharmaLinea is leading the way in clinical substantiation in nutraceuticals.

The study is not only double-blind, placebo-controlled and randomised, but also multicentric and multi-seasonal, which is far from the standard, yet very important for immunity product studies. With over 200 subjects already completing the trial in multiple testing centres over the course of several seasons, results will be able to show the efficacy of our product objectively. The syrup’s important excellent organoleptic properties will be available to test at our booth – H34.

Solving unmet needs and foreseeing trends

While companies tend to get hooked on a certain trendy buzzword of the industry, we try not to forget the initial reason for new product development: solving existing or rising consumer needs and thus foreseeing industry trends.

Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is growing due to the modern lifestyle and already affects 24% of the population – both adults and children, yet there are hardly any supplements available for children. This was the cause for the development of our new cutting-edge solution >Your< Hepatiq Syrup, which addresses liver support with scientific substantiation and excellent organoleptic – available to try at Vitafoods Tasting Centre.

The other pressing concern of our days is exposure to screens. Existing eye health products are mostly targeted to seniors, again leaving out the population, which is using tablets and smartphones at an alarming rate, incredibly early in life. >Your< Vision Syrup was developed to support children’s vision with prevention in mind and is addressing an issue that will soon be impossible to overlook. It is an excellent achievement of product form, which was also awarded at Vitafoods Asia 2018 Tasting Centre.

PharmaLinea is also introducing innovation to the established category of cognitive health with the launch of >Your< Instant Memory Sachets. Developed with standard-setting SibeliusTM: Sage and other clinically supported ingredients, the product provides an effect on memory and focus, that is felt and recognized by users. >Your< Instant Memory Sachets are a welcome change in a market, filled with commodities and pill forms.

Standing for stability

Stability of finished products is currently more of a bonus than a requirement in the nutraceutical industry and somewhat of an elephant in the room. Complex products with many ingredients in user-friendly forms are the perfect environment for very common ingredient cross-interaction, yet awareness of the issue in the industry is very low. With increasingly demanding and educated consumers and growing incidence of independent consumer tests, brand-owners will need to seriously reconsider the quality of products they place on the shelf.

Bringing the promised value to the consumers through stated quantities of ingredients is the coming consumer-oriented trend after clean label and transparency.

PharmaLinea is promoting the importance of product stability across all industry media and will continue to do so for the better of the industry and the ultimate benefit for the consumer.

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