PLT announces several clinical studies for Slendacor ingredient


The studies offer insight into the ingredient's mechanisms of action

PLT announces several clinical studies for Slendacor ingredient

PLT Health Solutions has highlighted a series of scientific studies in support of its Slendacor weight management complex ingredient which offer insight into the mechanisms of action behind its weight loss benefits. Two published pre-clinical studies focused on energy expenditure reveal a dual mode of action for Slendacor via controlling fat reserves (modulation of adipogenesis and lipolysis) and managing energy expenditure (increasing thermogenesis).

A human clinical study focused on a single daily dose of the ingredient and its effects on resting metabolic rate. Participants using Slendacor showed up to a 15.2% increase in resting energy expenditure (REE) at Day 7. REE and calorie burning increased significantly from baseline on Day 1 of the study. The study also measured heart rate, blood pressure and mood. At no point during the study were heart rate or blood pressure increased in the supplementation group, indicating there was no stimulant activity.

Seth Flowerman, President & CEO of PLT Health Solutions, said: "Slendacor was introduced in 2017, and its fast-acting benefits, clean label formulation, and robust portfolio of scientific support helped it quickly become a market leading dietary supplement weight management ingredient around the world – powering top brands in the United States, Australia, Europe, and Brazil. These new studies further enhance the range of claims that our customers will be able to communicate and demonstrate how Slendacor promotes overall human health – while helping people manage their weight,” he said.

Slendacor is a patented combination of three standardised extracts of turmeric (Curcuma longa), drumstick leaves (Moringa oleifera), and curry leaves (Murraya koenigii). It has been studied in three human clinical trials to date and multiple pre-clinical studies. A 2018 16-week double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the ingredient saw consistent body weight reductions observed throughout the 16-week trial – starting with statistically significant weight loss at two weeks. Participants averaged a total weight loss of nearly twelve pounds by the end of the study. The supplementation group lost two inches in waist circumference and had no reduction in lean body mass.

The two recent pre-clinical studies on energy expenditure showed the ingredient’s mechanisms of action are related to its effects on white adipose tissue increasing UCP1 expression to resemble what occurs in more metabolically active brown adipose tissue. The 2021 human clinical trial (manuscript in development) was undertaken to further understand the thermogenic effects of Slendacor in human subjects.

Dr Jeremy Appleton, ND, Director of Medical and Scientific Affairs for PLT, said: “Our new data on lipolysis shows that Slendacor is not just breaking fat down but increasing the metabolism of that fat and changing the metabolic activity of those fat cells. It is burning fat rather than sending it to energy reserves.

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“Healthy weight management has never been solely about shedding pounds. As important as weight loss is to many consumers, we know that healthy and sustainable changes to body weight must involve supporting other related systems, like cardiovascular and metabolic health. These new studies help us understand Slendacor as an integral part of a holistic health management program, one that includes body weight, but in the greater context of cardiometabolic health,” he added.

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