New generation of energy bars: sales booster

Published: 3-Oct-2018

SternLife comes up trumps with a high-appeal range for the trade and suppliers of branded products

The market for bars is booming. Market research institutes predict strong growth in the future, too, for energy, snack, fruit and nut bars.

No wonder: bars are a perfect fit for the ongoing snacking trend. They can be an on-the-go breakfast or a convenience snack between meals.

Consequently, consumers now expect more of healthy bars. The trend is for more naturalness and a short list of ingredients.

Consumers are on the lookout for reduced sugar content and fewer calories but also, for instance, for more dietary fibre.

SternLife has incorporated these trends into its new range of energy bars, nutrition bars and Paleo bars for customer brands and private labels. The overarching target group concepts are geared to the needs of consumers and the demands of trade and industry.

An expert for high protein bars in the sport segment, SternLife’s new energy bar range combines flavour with functional added value. The appeal of the bars lies in their yummy flavour and their balanced nutrient profile that is tailored to the individual requirements of each SternLife customer.

The snacks deliver energy, and have high levels of dietary fibre and protein. They are manufactured from natural ingredients – if requested also of organic quality or purely plant-based for vegans.

This will enable SternLife customers to effortlessly meet the growing demand for plant-based sources of protein in the bar segment.

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In addition, the bars can also be individually enriched with vitamins and other functional ingredients. This results in dedicated target group solutions which can be promoted and marketed accordingly.

Based on these numerous options SternLife develops tailor-made solutions for each of its customers.

Thanks to its experience spanning many years in the development and production of functional bars, the private label supplier has crafted state-of-the-art products that are very well received by consumers. Against this backdrop the company offers compact solutions from the idea through to the finished product.

All the customer has to do is supply the packaging design and he will receive a high-appeal bar range to cater for every need – whether it's for diet-conscious families, snack-oriented millennials, ambitious fitness fans or working convenience snackers.

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