Medi-Evil Potion Bottle Boosts M&H Plastics portfolio

Published: 29-May-2014

M&H Plastics has recently been commissioned to produce a very unusual and highly market specific bottle to appeal to the bodybuilding sector and sportsmen and women whose sports demand the peak of physical fitness.

Medi Evil’s ExcaliburTM is a state of the art and innovative thermogenic stimulator which can act as an effective physique control and weight management aid when combined with a calorie controlled diet and training regime. Used by both men and women as a food supplement and as a means of metabolising fat the products needed to stand out amongst its peers through great design and packaging.

The bottle, which uses a natural cork closure and complementary graphics, replicates the shape of medieval potion bottles. A shrink overseal ensures the safety and hygiene elements.

Lee Paterson, Managing Director of Medi-Evil says, “M&H Plastics were able to take our brief and quickly produce a truly outstanding product that not only complements our product but allows us to achieve great sales opportunities through retailers and a visually appealing product to assist online sales. Since launch our sales have been outstanding and this packaging will help us grow this into the lucrative re-seller and international markets”.

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