Major step forward in food consumption data


EFSA has published a new release of its Comprehensive European Food Consumption Database, which for the first time includes data collected under EFSA’s EU Menu project

Major step forward in food consumption data

The updated database consists of the most recent data collected in Member States covering more population groups and new food categories, such as energy drinks.

The EU Menu project aims to increase the quality, detail and harmonisation of data collected in Member States, covering all age groups from 3 months to 74 years. This makes the data easier to compare.

Since 2011 EFSA has provided financial support and guidance on data collection to 21 countries under the EU Menu umbrella.

All data contained in the database is now classified according to FoodEx2, a system that now provides a more detailed and precise description of foods and beverages consumed across the EU than the previous version.

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Sofia Ioannidou, Manager of the EU Menu project, said: “Making detailed data on food consumption available across the EU has been one of EFSA’s long-standing goals. Today this has become reality thanks to the hard work of the Member States.”