Kemin showcases antioxidant, food safety and shelf stability solutions

Kemin Industries Food Technologies, will showcase its latest solutions to help manufacturers keep food and beverage products fresher, safer and longer at the 2017 Institute of Food Technologists Expo

Visitors can stop by 2017 Institute of Food Technologists Expo (IFT17) booth #3845 to learn more about the Kemin portfolio of synthetic and naturally sourced, yet technically sophisticated antioxidant, food safety and shelf stability solutions.

Courtney Schwartz, Senior Marketing Communications Manager for Kemin Food Technologies, said: “We are excited to meet with IFT17 attendees and share our latest research and solutions. At Kemin, we are constantly researching and seeking ways to better serve our customers, the industry and ultimately the consumer.”

To support customers and stay on top of consumer trends, Kemin recently completed a consumer research study with Harris Poll.

The results show many consumers make purchases based on specific health factors or claims they equate with levels of sodium, sugar and fat content.

This research also includes ingredient comparisons showing consumers prefer ingredient labels, which are shorter and have fewer sodium containing words.

Schwartz said: “By understanding consumer trends, we are able to shape our product portfolio to meet industry needs. We will be launching a new domestically grown, organic rosemary extract at IFT17 to meet increasing demand for organic products.

“Our organic rosemary line is available in liquid and dry forms with a variety of concentrations. The new organic product is a great addition to our shelf life extension portfolio, which already includes organic buffered vinegar, allowing Kemin to serve the industry’s organic food safety and antioxidant needs.”

Kemin provider of shelf-life extension and food safety solutions for food and beverage industries, knows how to keep food and beverage products safe, high quality and appealing.

One way Kemin protects foods and beverages is through a thorough understanding of the negative effects of oxidation, as well as the antioxidant mode of action that can significantly delay the negative effects of oxidation.

To illustrate key aspects of the antioxidant mode of action and share additional insights on oxidation, Kemin will be distributing newly developed 'at a glance' meat, and baking and snack resource guides to IFT17 attendees.

During the event, Kemin will feature a range of plant-based extracts, antioxidants and antimicrobials, including the following solutions:

Colour and Flavour Stability

Kemin plant-derived extracts and synthetic antioxidants preserve the colour and flavour of food products

  • FORTIUM, NaturFORT and GT-FORT are lines of plant extracts and synergistic blends that provide consumer friendly protection solutions in a variety of food matrices with no negative sensory impact
  • EN-HANCE is a line of synthetic antioxidants that are proven to protect foods containing fats and oils, such as baking mixes, meat products, nuts, potato chips, oils, cookies, sausages and cereals

Food Safety

  • Kemin antimicrobial technology uses well-known, accepted and effective organic acids to provide consistent protection
  • SHIELD is a line of liquid mould inhibitors for bakery and tortilla products
  • BactoCEASE is a line of food safety solutions designed to extend the shelf life of ready to eat meats, fresh meat, fish and poultry products by protecting against food borne pathogens and spoilage bacteria. Both consumer friendly and synthetic options are available

In today’s highly competitive marketplace, Kemin provides food processors, manufacturers and formulators the ability to reduce costs, control inventory and meet demand, all while providing the visual appeal and flavour protection consumers demand.

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