Innovative functionalities for enhanced products and processing


At FiE 2017, Taiyo will display microwave-dried crunches, silicone-free antifoaming agents and fat stabilisers

Innovative functionalities for enhanced products and processing

Taiyo GmbH, known for its broad portfolio of functional ingredients, including soluble fibres as well as superfruit, green tea and coffee extracts, puts its FiE focus on innovative technical agents and its microwave-dried range of crunch products – which are much more stable than their freeze-dried counterparts.

Mueslis, cereal bars and confectionery products are often topped with freeze-dried fruit components.

However, these are extremely sensitive and tend to crack during processing or storage – which is why in muesli bags, these types of fruit pieces are only added on top of the mix and cannot be homogeneously blended in.

With its microwave-dried crunches, Taiyo offers a crispy alternative in different variants.

The strawberry or lemon crisps are highly stable and deliver a pleasing crunch as well as visual appeal in the end product.

For trend products, the matcha crisps are a perfect addition, and egg crisps are delicious in soups and other savoury products. For vegan solutions, there is also an egg-free variant.

Taiset is an innovative fat stabiliser with various functionalities and benefits. As most valuable and healthy oils are liquids, when they are hardened, they have to be hydrogenated, which creates trans fatty acids.

With Taiset, high quality oils with high levels of healthy omega-3 fatty acids can be stabilised to a nicely spreadable mass – and retain their full omega-3 content without any loss of quality.

When used in cream toppings and fillings, Taiset acts as a stabilising agent and maintains the sharp contours of the product for an appetising look – and puddings and flans keep their original shape when served on a plate and do not melt at room temperature.

With AwaBreak, Taiyo offers a silicone-free antifoaming agent that has multiple benefits during processing and in the end product.

In beverage production especially, foaming is an issue. AwaBreak stops foam formation during processing and, in contrast to many other anti-foaming agents, it is silicone-free. When used as an ingredient in effervescents, it can prevent the undesirable effect that occurs when certain ingredients are dissolved and create an unappetising, turbid foam.

Alongside its microwave-dried products and technical ingredients, Taiyo will be displaying its complete range of functional ingredients, including its SunFiber and SunFiber sweet range from the guar bean, Whole Green Coffee Powder extract for sustained alertness, SunMatcha and various green tea extracts, and the SunActive delivery system for micronutrients and minerals.

Taiyo’s new range of instant teas will also be available for tasting on-stand.

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