IMA presents processing technology virtual event

Published: 17-Mar-2021

The Make the Most event will focus on processing technology for stock cubes, dairy products and confectionary

IMA Spa is hosting a two day virtual event on March 17-18 called Make the Most. The presentation will highlight the company’s processing technology for stock cubes, processed cheese, butter & margarine, yoghurt, beverages & baby food along with gum, candies & coated sweets.

On the first day, the company will present its product range for processing stock cubes. It provides specific technical solutions tailored to suit customers’ needs. The company will demonstrate its PDP Series single punch press, and the Prexima double punch press, an alternative solution recently launched on the market. A specialist from IMA’s Process Development R&D Laboratory will illustrate the advantages and developments from powder to tablets for stock cube manufacturing.

IMA will also show off its products designed for dosing, wrapping, filling, sealing and packaging of cream, fresh or processed cheese, butter and margarine.

The presentation will follow through complete lines for processed cheese portions: from dosing & wrapping to packaging solutions.

The company will show its Copparapid 4000 Rotary tub filling and sealing machine, as well as the latest update for MMP400: an end-of-line solution for caps and wrapped butter.

On the 18th, the company will present its technology in the field of flexible containers and cups for yoghurt & UHT beverages.

It will demonstrate the Ermetika 360 AS continuous motion spouted pouch-filling machine for aseptic filling, followed by a round table discussion about recyclable materials and applicability on IMA’s range of lines. It will also discuss MMP400 and MFLC5 for handling end-of-line spouted pouches.

Finally, the company will display its technologies for mixing, granulation, tableting and coating for gums, candies and coated sweets.

This presentation will focus on mint compression, using IMA’s tableting solutions, along with milk candy granulation and the company’s solutions to enhance the granulation process.

The event will feature IMA Digital projects, smart technologies to increase production processes efficiency, remote fat, remote assistance, as well as the company’s corporate project about sustainability.

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