Hot lifestyle trend: turmeric attracts new target groups

Published: 19-Oct-2017

SternLife markets the power tuber as drinks or capsules

A hot trend is currently conquering coffee shops: Curcuma Latte.

This "golden milk," the other name for this beverage, guarantees a perfect start to the day.

This is because of the positive effects of turmeric. The Asian power tuber, also known as Indian saffron, has been used for more than a thousand years in Far Eastern medicine.

In Europe, the healing plant was primarily known as a spice or as the main ingredient in curry powder. Various studies have since confirmed the health-promoting action of its main constituent, curcumin.

It has antioxidative and anti-inflammatory properties. It boosts the metabolism and can help with weight loss. According to more recent studies, curcumin is said to protect against cancer and Alzheimer's, too.

No wonder turmeric is so much in demand. SternLife is now presenting innovative products based on this Indian saffron powder.

Suppliers of lifestyle, health, fitness and sports nutrition products can now add them to their portfolio. There are two Curcuma Latte options aimed at fitness-minded and health-conscious aficionados as well as curcuma capsules that help with weight management.

Curcuma Latte for different target groups

Curcuma Latte with protein is a special drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts. With its high protein content of 71%, it enhances the effects of training.

Whey protein concentrate and isolate are the protein sources. The drink, with its delicate vanilla flavour, can be prepared with water, milk or plant-based milk alternatives. The practical portion size of 20 g powder is simply stirred into 200 mL of warm or cold liquid.

The new, vegan Curcuma Latte is ready in no time, too. The instant powder is enriched with the dietary fibre, inulin. As the powder doesn't contain any sugar or sweetening agent, it can be sweetened with agave syrup or something similar to cater for individual preferences.

The powder is also very well suited for enhancing plant-based yoghurt and curd alternatives. Just like the protein shake, the vegan lifestyle drink contains cinnamon, ginger and pepper, in addition to curcuma, to boost the metabolism.

Curcuma capsules crank up the metabolism

Thanks to the SternLife curcuma capsules, suppliers of health foods and food supplements can now offer their customers a new on-trend weight management product.

Besides curcuma, the capsules contain pepper extract to improve curcumin uptake along with ginger, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and zinc.

The use of zinc may be indicated as part of a health claim. Furthermore, the capsules may be taken prior to sports activities to give the metabolism an extra boost.

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