Giellepi to offer more formulation flexibility with µsmin Plus SG

Published: 2-Nov-2023

Diverse delivery methods and novel dosage formats can help dietary supplement brands differentiate their product offerings, innovate and appeal to varying consumer needs and preferences including those of modern consumers who enjoy the appeal of gummies.

A 2023 report from Nutrition Business Journal on emerging delivery formats for supplements confirms the rise of popularity for gummies and softgels even if tablets still remain strong. When all consumers were asked what format they actually use, 56% and 47% said tablets and capsules, respectively while 39% are currently consuming supplements in gummy form. The 29% of respondents said they use softgels. Interestingly, among consumers who started taking supplements within the last one-to-five years, 35.3% favor gummies over other formats.

In line with the latest trends, to give formulators and manufacturers capability for adding µsmin® Plus in appealing dosage forms such as gummies and softgels, µsmin® Plus SG has been recently introduced in the market. Maintaining all the benefits delivered by the granular version, µsmin® Plus SG is a homogenous micronized powder that can be easily incorporated into softgels and used for gummy formulations allowing for a greater formulation flexibility.

When formulating a gummy, palatability plays a key role in the overall user experience. Thanks to its neutral taste profile, µsmin® Plus SG can be filled into a gummy base without the need to add mask tasting ingredients.

Perceived as easier to swallow and more efficient in effectiveness than tablets, consumer preference for softgel capsule technology to deliver nutraceutical ingredients is gaining momentum. With its reduced granulometry suitable for a suspension in oil, µsmin® Plus SG can generate tremendous opportunity for softgel manufacturers and product developers.

In a landscape where the demand of beauty-from-within functional ingredients is on the rise, µsmin® Plus range can represent a solid solution to provide leg beauty benefits while supporting quality of life.

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