Embria partners with LEHVOSS Nutrition Division

Gee Lawson to introduce EpiCor® immune and digestive ingredient in the European market

Embria Health Sciences, LLC, manufacturer of EpiCor® fermentate, has partnered with Nutritional Division of LEHVOSS UK - Gee Lawson to distribute its flagship ingredient to key countries in Europe.

“LEHVOSS’s commitment to nutrition was made with the acquisition of Gee Lawson as one of the leading distributors of high quality research-based ingredients in Europe. Adding EpiCor® to our portfolio gives us the opportunity to provide our customers with an immune and digestive health solution which can be applied many sectors, underpinned by science and something not currently enjoyed by many countries,” stated Jonathan Shorts, Head of LifeSciences LEHVOSS UK Ltd/Gee Lawson.

EpiCor® is a natural, whole food fermentation ingredient made from a proprietary process. EpiCor’s metabolite-rich composition includes proteins, fibers, polyphenols, vitamins, amino acids, polysaccharides (including beta glucans) and many otherbbeneficial bioactive metabolite compounds that work together to support a strong immune and digestive system.

Eight human clinical studies covering hundreds of subjects show EpiCor® supports wellness by strengthening the immune system and supporting gastro-intestinal health. As a complex ingredient, EpiCor® has many of documented modes of action, including increasing sIgA antibodies, activating certain white blood cell activity (Natural Killer cells), and boosting antioxidant power..

“With our continued success in USA and other countries throughout the world, we are excited about this opportunity to expand into Western Europe, collectively among the largest dietary supplement markets in the world,” says Jeff Cannon, President and CEO of Diamond V, the parent company of Embria Health Sciences. “Embria chooses partners carefully. We are excited about Gee Lawson’s ability to grow demand for EpiCor® in this very important region of the world that demands value, science and quality.”