EasySnacking: The ice-cream of the crop

Published: 7-Apr-2017

The rounded-edged square pot and integrated spoon helped the success of the Croatian ice cream from Ledo

RPC Superfos’s EasySnacking pack is enjoying further success following the launch of a typical Croatian ice cream dessert, Kremsnita, from the Balkan market leader in ice cream, Ledo.

The Ledo dessert combines delicious custard with whipped cream and pieces of waffle to create an ice cream. The award-winning EasySnacking pot, 210ml in size, provides the packaging.

Lovro Vuckovic, Product Manager at Ledo said:

“Kremsnita is a typical Croatian dessert traditionally served in square pieces, so the square shape of the EasySnacking container is a perfect match for our new product.

“The EasySnacking cup has round edges look absolutely great and the integral spoon is fantastic.”

The integral spoon is fantastic... Our customers love it.

Ledo expected good sales before putting the product on the market and after a successful start, the company has achieved its sales target within the expected time span.

“On various social media, we have found many pictures and positive comments about our dessert – and our customers love the spoon, too,” said Vuckovic.

RPC Superfos has been a packaging supplier to Ledo for several years. Ledo is the largest Croatian producer of industrial ice cream, and holds prominent market positions in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

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