Clinical study demonstrates how pomegranate ingredient affects the gut for skin health benefits

Published: 31-Jan-2023

A new human clinical study has been carried out to evaluate Verdure Sciences' Pomella ingredient for 'beauty from within' properties and impact on the skin-gut axis

A new clinical study with Pomella (Registered trademark), a proprietary Punica granatum extract, was evaluated for skin health and beauty from within properties adding understanding to Pomella’s synergistic influence on both gut and skin microbiomes.

Researchers examined the ability of Pomella in healthy men and women aged 22-55 years (250 mg/day) for its potential to promote healthy skin and gut microflora, impact to wrinkle severity, and facial biophysical properties.

In this 4-week, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study, supplementation with 250 mg Pomella pomegranate fruit extract once a day showed significant reductions in wrinkle severity (6.2% compared to placebo; p < 0.01) and a decreasing trend in the forehead sebum excretion rate (p = 0.14). The facial skin microbiome was augmented for the Bacillus genus and Staphylococcus epidermidis after Pomella supplementation. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs) shifted in the Pomella group with a 38% increase (versus 1.8% decrease with placebo) in acetates and 162% increase (versus 0.1% increase with placebo) in propionates.

Gut and digestive heath, skin support and beauty from within have gained a lot of mainstream attention in recent years

Overall, the study demonstrated improvements in several biophysical properties, wrinkles, and shifts in the skin microbiome with oral Pomella supplementation in healthy subjects.

Furthermore, the higher levels of Eggerthellaceae in the gut microbiome were correlated with a decrease in both transepidermal water loss (TEWL) and wrinkle severity in the Pomella group, suggesting that the extract improved skin barrier function in addition to improving the appearance of wrinkles. There was a statistically significant decrease in the facial wrinkle severity by 6.2% in the Pomella group (p < 0.01) compared to placebo.

Researchers pointed “interestingly, in the Pomella group subjects with a higher level of Eggerthellaceae in their gut microbiome analysis showed a statistically significant reduction in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) compared to those that did not express Eggerthellaceae.”

A sub-analysis among participants in the Pomella group for the gut microbiome expression Eggerthellaceae was performed.

A relative decrease in sebum was seen in those that had a higher expression of Eggerthellaceae, although not statistically significant (p = 0.33). Not only is this impressive, but it shows a strong correlation for Pomella’s influence to the gut-skin axis.

Dr Sivamani et al. found, “it interesting that we were able to stratify responses based on the gut expression of Eggerthellaceae. Bacterial species belonging to Eggerthellaceae are able to produce urolithin metabolites from ellagitannins, which are found in pomegranates and in [Pomella]. Therefore, our results suggest that the presence of Eggerthellaceae may predict a better response to Pomella supplementation and support the notion of a gut-skin axis when considering oral supplementation.”

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“We are thrilled to have this new publication joining the mounting evidence in support of Pomella extract, at a 250 mg dose, once a day,” explained Kristen Marshall, Digital Marketing Manager at Verdure Sciences, the manufacturer of Pomella. “Gut and digestive heath, skin support and beauty from within have gained a lot of mainstream attention in recent years. What happens in the gut is reflected on the skin – and now we have clinical support showing the same.”

Teresita Rudà, Head of Brands and Marketing at LEHVOSS Nutrition, the exclusive distributor of Pomella in Europe added: “This new clinical study is a great opportunity to place Pomella as the new innovative ingredient for beauty from within and confirms once more the immense potential beyond punicalagins and their gut-derived metabolites urolithins. We look forward to see European customers benefiting from this research and launching ground-breaking formulations in the next coming months; the link between gut and skin health is definitely an interesting and trendy topic in the nutraceutical industry”.

Promising evidence from this clinical trial indicates a statistically significant improvement in multiple markers associated with visible wrinkles and moisture in a healthy population.

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