Cargill invests in Seventure for digestive and immune health shift


The company’s move into the digestive and immune health space began in 2017 with its acquisition of Diamond V and investment in Delacon

Cargill invests in Seventure for digestive and immune health shift

Cargill has announced an investment in Seventure Partners’ Health for Life Capital II fund.

Seventure Partners actively funds innovative companies in fields of digital technologies and life sciences. Its Health for Life Capital II fund supports the microbiome revolution in the areas of health and nutrition.

Cargill, who joins a network of other strategic investors in the fund including Danone, Novartis, and Lesaffre, will serve as a limited partner with a member appointed to the fund’s advisory investment committee.

“We’re thrilled to invest with Seventure Partners, given their deep expertise and knowledge of the rapidly evolving microbiome ecosystem,” said Chuck Warta, President of Cargill’s Health Hechnologies business. “Together, we will expand the existing suite of health solutions available to consumers and bring more relevant products to market in the functional food arena. Ultimately, our goal is to help humans and animals live more healthy days.”

With the investment in Health for Life Capital II fund, the company can accelerate its product innovation and gain insight into the latest technologies and trends in the digestive and immune health space through Health for Life Capital II team’s evaluation of nearly 1,000 startups per year.

“Microbiome innovations are now impacting many industries such as food, pharma, healthcare, retail, agriculture and animal feed and health, providing great opportunities for growth. In addition to the classic financial investors, our funds also include strategic corporate investors. I am delighted to start this collaboration with Cargill. Cargill joining our fund will accelerate our mission to transform fascinating science into great products, improving people’s lives,” said Isabelle De Cremoux, CEO and Managing Partner of Seventure.

As part of the agreement, de Cremoux will join four other experts on an internal Cargill advisory board tasked with providing strategic guidance and insight as Cargill continues to grow its health technologies portfolio.

The advisory board already includes Dr Bruce German, a professor at UC Davis and co-founder of a startup focused on infant nutrition; Dr Mary Ellen Sanders, a 30-year veteran probiotic industry consultant, who was the founding president of the International Scientific Association of Probiotics and Prebiotics (ISAPP); and Scott Bush, a probiotics commercial leader with more than 30 years of experience.

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“Bringing the outside in is critical as we grow in this emerging field,” said Warta. “Our advisory board members bring a critical mix of commercial and scientific expertise to challenge our assumptions and broaden our thinking.”