Carbery launches heat-stable 100% whey protein at HiE 2016


Carbery, a world leader in advanced whey protein ingredients, used this year’s HiE exhibition to launch a heat-stable, great tasting 100% whey protein for ready to drink beverages

Responding to continued burgeoning demand for convenient, nutritious and tasty beverages that support health throughout life, Optipep RTD can deliver a 10% pure whey protein content in RTD teas, coffees, juices and dairy beverages.

The heat stability of protein is critical in neutral-pH applications not only for processing reasons, but also to maintain stability during the product's shelf-life. Historically, RTD manufacturers had to rely on casein-based ingredients and/or compromise on the amount of protein contained in the end product to avoid taste issues.

Carbery’s latest innovation means that for the first time, customers can use a great tasting 100% whey protein ingredient that can withstand pasteurisation, UHT treatment and a shelf life of up to 12 months while also providing a meaningful quantity of premium protein in each serving. Whey is widely regarded as the ideal protein source due to its amino acid profile and bioavailability.

Whereas 100% whey protein ingredients were most commonly used in low pH RTD beverages such as clear protein beverages and protein waters, Optipep RTD can be used with a much broader range of beverage bases and allows for far greater flavour creativity and consumer acceptability.

This means it is suitable for meal replacements, supplements and on-the-go consumption in categories as diverse as sports nutrition, active ageing, weight management, clinical nutrition and more.

Optipep RTD is produced using a proprietary selection of enzymes and carefully designed processing parameters to enhance its heat stability significantly. Like all Carbery’s other whey proteins, it is manufactured from grass-fed whey, a natural and sustainable protein source.

Carbery sampled Optipep RTD in several end product prototypes on its stand at Health ingredients Europe. Visitors were able to taste delicious, creamy banana-, pineapple- and coffee-flavoured drinks that are low in fat and sugar and contain 10% pure whey protein.

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“This is a real breakthrough in protein innovation,” comments Aine Hallihan, Head of R&D at Carbery. “Until today, there has always been a compromise for beverage formulators wishing to include whey proteins in their RTD products. Now, at last, there’s an ingredient that delivers a meaningful amount of protein, is non-acidic, tastes great and is 100% whey – the type that many consumers consider the protein of choice for good health.”