Brenntag UK & Ireland opens food application kitchen

Published: 20-Sep-2017

Brenntag UK & Ireland, the leading distributor of ingredients for a variety of food and beverage applications, have announced the launch of its food application kitchen

Located at the company's food hub site in Widnes, Cheshire, this food application kitchen is the latest addition to the network of Brenntag Food Application Centres across Europe.

Alastair Nicoll, Business Manager Food & Nutrition, said: "We have always taken pride in our ability to provide extensive technical support to our customers. Our specialist technical teams help customers to develop new products and find application advantages, whether by helping to choose the right ingredients or developing solutions that are tailor-made for each customer’s unique and specific needs.

"Our new UK based facility allows us to undertake even more bespoke projects and formulating trials across the variety of food and beverage applications and to organise frequent training days and networking sessions in partnership with the renowned ingredients manufacturers we are proud to represent in the UK & Ireland."

Managed by a team of in-house technologists, the kitchen focuses on developing new product development concepts and offers customised formulation advice on working with innovative ingredients to address the most pertinent market trends.

An open day to celebrate the launch of the application kitchen was held in Widnes on 13 September 2017.

Attended by a number of food and beverage manufacturers, the day featured presentations by some of the key names in the industry.

Emma Gubisch of Leatherhead Food Research led the discussion on changing consumer demands, technological disruptions and how the industry can poise themselves for an age of innovation.

The presentation was followed by Product Innovation Sessions with the Brenntag team, featuring a number of concepts for meat, vegetarian, bakery, dairy, ice cream and confectionery led by Katrin Cotter and Steven Perks of Cargill, Linda Bellekom-Allen of Dow and Brigitte Peters of Sensus.

Nicoll added: “We are extremely proud of our strong collaborative relationships with Brenntag suppliers, which really showed during our Food Application Kitchen Open Day. I would like to extend our gratitude to our suppliers presenting on the day and to our guests who clearly share our passion for innovation."

"We are already working on a range of new product concepts, which we are excited to be bringing this November to Food Matters Live in London."

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