Akay ingredient exhibits preventative effects for chronic conditions

Published: 15-Dec-2021

The research was published in Life Sciences

A group of researchers from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), led by Prof Ajaikumar Kunnumekkara, have reported findings that suggest Akay Natural Ingredients’ CurQfen-curcumin ingredient is capable of modulating the genes responsible for various chronic diseases.

“Despite the large excess of in vitro studies on the potential role of curcumin against chronic diseases, we were interested to evaluate the possible efficacy of bioavailable curcumin formulations which are because of its 100% natural status and enhanced ‘free’ curcuminoids bioavailability (45X),” the researchers said.

The work was inspired by postgenomic research showing uncontrolled inflammation plays a major role in the development of many chronic diseases, and that molecular modulation of inflammation can be used for the prevention and treatment of these diseases. In addition, Akay says, most of the chronic diseases are caused by multiple issues in molecular pathways and targeting a single gene/protein or pathway may not be effective.

Chronic diseases or non-communicable diseases are a major burden worldwide due to the lack of highly efficacious treatment modalities and the serious side effects associated with the available therapies. This study demonstrated, with molecular evidence, the potential that free curcuminoids delivered with enhanced bioavailability can function as a prophylactic agent by upregulating health guarding genes and down regulating disease causing genes, according to the researchers.

In particular, the company says, the study demonstrated the multi-targeted mechanism of action exhibited by curcuminoids, since they effectively modulated various genes responsible for various diseases.

The study was reformed on LPS-induced mice by supplementing them for 14 days at 35 mg/kg/day body weight of curcuminoids as CurQfen. Results showed the genes which significantly upregulate during various cancer types got down regulated and vice versa. Similarly, many of the genes differentially expressed in various chronic inflammatory conditions, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and liver steatosis were also reportedly modulated by treatment with the ingredient. The company says this evidence points to a protective role for this ingredient in the prevention and treatment of multiple chronic diseases.

“We are inspired by the encouraging results of the global gene expression by RNA Seq analysis in an inflammatory environment and would like to conduct more studies to bring out the full potential of CurQfen as a prophylactic agent, especially against chronic diseases.

“Nutraceuticals better fit for the fact ‘Prevention is better than Cure’ and CurQfen shows tremendous opportunity,” said Emmanuel Nambusseril, CMO at Akay Natural Ingredients.

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