ACGcaps HA debuts at CPhI Worldwide

Published: 6-Nov-2019

The latest launch by global pharmaceutical supplier ACG Capsules is deemed the "Platinum standard" in HPMC capsules

ACG Capsules (ACGC), part of ACG Group, has launched its high quality and reliable ACGcaps HA at CPhI Worldwide 2019.

Deemed as the new ‘Platinum standard’ in HPMC capsules, the ACGcaps HA is a range of inert, high performing & high-quality capsules, and enlarge the already comprehensive ACG Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose-based (HPMC) capsules portfolio.

At the show in Frankfurt, ACG is also showcasing its entire range of HPMC Capsules for various formulations along with ACG Films & Foils’ ultra-high barrier packaging solutions.

Solutions for challenges formulations

Pharmaceutical companies encounter various challenges while working with new and varied formulations. This requires careful selection of the type of capsules with the right attributes for drug delivery.

Attributes like solubility, moisture, disintegration, cross-linking potential, uniform dissolution at different pH levels etc., are key to a successfully finished formulation.

ACGcaps HA plant-based capsules, supports such varied demands of the pharmaceutical industry for non-animal origin, fast-dissolving, providing dissolution uniformity including for sensitive molecules that need to achieve the desired dissolution in 0.01N HCl.

The capsules display better suitability for hygroscopic and moisture-sensitive ingredients. They are chemically stable, have reduced risk of brittleness, and hence are more resistant to breaking and cracking even at low relative humidity, an ideal option for encapsulation.

These capsules with high quality and high aesthetic appeal having excellent machinability would assist pharmaceutical customers to offer reliable products to the market.

The raw materials used are of high quality and are regulatory compliant and ACGcaps HA matches the pharmacopoeia requirements for capsules. They also meet global cultural requirements being Halal and Kosher certified along with Vegetarian Society and Vegan approved. The capsules are preservative, gluten- and allergen-free and are non-GMO verified.

Selwyn Noronha, CEO at ACG Capsules, commented: “We are delighted to be debuting the new ACGcaps HA at CPhI 2019 – what we consider to be the Platinum standard in HPMC capsules. They have myriad benefits and – as a result - we expect to receive significant interest here in Frankfurt and also moving forward.”

ACG Capsules and ACG Films & Foils are also showcasing the following products at booth no 102A40, hall no 10.2

  • HPMC plus capsules (ACGcaps H+)
  • HPMC liquid fill capsules (ACGcaps HL)
  • HPMC ‘Brandshield’ printed capsules
  • HPMC Inhalation capsules (ACGcaps HI)
  • Regular HPMC capsule (ACGcaps HR)
  • HPMC Pearl finish capsules (ACGcaps Pearlz)
  • Ultra-high barrier ‘Aclar’ films
  • Ultra-high barrier ‘Ultrasafe’ films
  • Ultra-high barrier foils
  • Child-Resistant & Senior Friendly foils

Additionally, the TSafe (Titanium Dioxide Free) range of HPMC capsules, with two different high-quality compliant opacifiers for the Dietary Supplement industry, is also available on request.

In October 2019, ACG Inspection, announced the launch of a new ‘Centre of Excellence’ in Switzerland, supporting the company’s continued global expansion.

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