Naticol, premium quality fish collagen peptides for beauty and well-being, Booth 2741

Published: 10-Oct-2023

A unique hydrolysisprocess for a collagen with high level of bioavailabily and bioactivity. Visit Weishardt Booth 2741 to discover how the Naticol range can fit for your products development and exchange with the Weishardt team about its innovations

The french producer of gelatine and collagen, Weishardt International, is showcasing its latest innovations at Supply Side West. This family owned company since 1839 is implanted worldwide with plants and commercial subsidiaries all around the world. 

Nutricosmetics play an essential role in skin care and Naticol (trademarked) marine collagen peptides offer the perfect solution. They represent a complete approach to support and ameliorate skin condition, and contribute to remarkable improvements in its appearance. Visible results are achieved with a daily dose of Naticol as low as 2.5 grams.

Naticol’s benefits are not confined to skin. Naticol fish collagen peptides answer to a holistic approach of well-being. They also fit with other consumer concerns such as joint, bones, muscles and gut comfort. 

The efficacy of Naticol is proven by clinical studies and consumer’s panels. Its unique organoleptic properties allow you to imagine a multitude of innovations. Highly soluble, natural and pure, odorless and tasteless, transparent and clear: let’s test the products on booth 2741.

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