Life Extension launches its Mediterranean whole food blend using Mazza Innovation’s PhytoClean technology

Published: 7-Apr-2017

The PhytoClean method extracted the highly valued polyphenols from Mediterranean foods to create Life Extension’s new Mediterranean whole food blend supplement

Mazza Innovation is pleased to announce that the first-ever retail product made using its proprietary solvent-free PhytoClean method has been released commercially.

Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend is now available and carries the PhytoClean seal on the label to confirm that a broad spectrum of natural bioactives have been extracted using Mazza’s solvent-free pressurised-water PhytoClean extraction technology.

“This is a significant milestone for Mazza, as Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend is the first product on the market to carry the PhytoClean seal on the label to meet its solvent-free and clean-label standard,” said Mazza Innovation President Benjamin Lightburn. “We’re pleased to have worked with Life Extension on this exciting quality advance.”

“Life Extension has been committed for more than 35 years to producing the highest quality supplements, and this starts with using only the best ingredients,” said Andrew Swick, PhD, Senior Vice President of Product Development and Scientific Affairs at Life Extension.

“Mazza’s PhytoClean extraction process uses only water and this ensures that Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend has superior ingredients without unnecessary additives.”

Life Extension’s Mediterranean Whole Food Blend contains extracts standardised to 25% polyphenols from grapes, olives, pomegranates, black walnuts, pecans, artichokes and lentils.

Mazza’s PhytoClean method was used to extract all of these ingredients under a customer service agreement with Life Extension.

The new product can be viewed in the Life Extension store.

The PhytoClean Method water-based extraction process concentrates bioactives by pressurising water at moderate temperatures; this greatly increases the water’s ability to solubilise bioactive compounds.

In effect, this extraction process generally provides better yields and purities than industrial solvents.

This environmentally friendly, clean process can be applied to extract a wide range of compounds for use in nutraceuticals, cosmetics, flavourings, colourings, pharmaceuticals, functional foods and beverages.

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