GOED Exchange 2022 picks keynote speaker

Published: 6-Dec-2021

The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s represents the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry, with a mission to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s around the world

Innovation may be the key to growth, but how do you spark innovation in an industry as mature as omega-3s? GOED, the Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s, invited renowned innovation expert Paul Rulkens to answer that exact question at the upcoming GOED Exchange in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., USA, from Feb. 15-17, 2022.

Netherlands-based Rulkens is a professional speaker - his TED Talks have garnered more than 4 million views worldwide - and the author of two business books. He describes his work with companies as "accelerating bold executive outcomes with the least amount of effort." Rulkens reminds executives that innovation doesn't need to be the next big "it" thing. More effective and accessible as a catalyst to growth is to seek out a small change that makes a huge difference.

There will be no PowerPoint presentations in Rulkens' talk; he prefers flip charts and audience interaction. His keynote at the GOED Exchange will be customized to the omega-3 industry, and to prepare he has already spoken one-on-one with several GOED member companies to garner insights.

"We will be talking about ways to rethink the omega-3 industry," said Rulkens. "The key will be how to drive innovation in an industry that's already being innovative." He also plans to talk about how the industry needs to "fall in love with its customers" rather than fall in love with its products. After attending this interactive session, attendees should be equipped with practical tools they can bring back to their companies to immediately create an impact.

Rulkens' keynote kicks off the three-day GOED Exchange, a biennial event that brings together companies and stakeholders in the omega-3 industry from around the world. Other eagerly anticipated sessions include omega-3s and sustainability, marketing to Hispanic consumers, and personalized nutrition.

To see the full agenda and to register for the event, visit goed-exchange.com. This year's event will have a hybrid format, with virtual/live-streaming options available to those unable to attend in person. Rulkens' keynote is among those that will be live- streamed for registered attendees.

About GOED

GOED (Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3s) represents the worldwide EPA and DHA omega-3 industry, with a mission to increase consumption of EPA and DHA omega-3s around the world. The membership is built on a quality standard unparalleled in the market and members must comply with quality and ethics guidelines that ensure members produce quality products that consumers can trust. Our 160+ members represent the entire supply chain of EPA and DHA omega-3s, from fisheries and crude oil suppliers to refiners, concentrators and finished product brands.

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